Pamela Carr 9/17/10 1024

Yes this does answer my question. Thank you for the clarification!

Foley, 9/16/10 9:00pm--Hi Pam, Your reflection for your learning for this assignment will be written in the following format:

  • Ø What (describe your growth and learning so far in the program)
  • Ø So What (examine growth and learning – what was the significance, what did it mean to you personally)
  • Ø Now What (what is the impact of this, insights of this, and connection to the

After this semester, you will need to continue to write a reflection at the end of each semester related to the learning that has occured using this format--so that at the end of the program, you will have at least 5 semester reflections. You may have to write reflections in some of your other classes for an assignment, however, the reflection will not always be based on this format. There are many formats for reflections. This is the one that the MSN faculty has choosen for the portfolio. Does this answer your question. You will probably find that you can write out your semester reflection and then leave it alone for a while and then come back to it and see if you said what you wanted (deep reflection--not superficial). Dr. Foley

Pamela Carr 9/16/10 1755
Dr. Foley-
I do have one question regarding the reflection portions of the portfolios. I noticed them in the examples of the portfolios provided. We have not had an assignment, as of yet, to do a guided reflection. Should we be reflecting on our own? Or will there be opportunities in later classes to reflect, which will then be able to be used as artifacts? Thank you!

Foley 9/16/10 1:57pm--Hello ladies, I have returned from my birthday trip (my youngest daughter took me to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Yosemite) and it was wonderful. Now back to work!!! I have read over your posts and will answer some of your quesitons so far (interesting, each group had some similar questions)

  • Will check with Dr. Ward about her email, but there is not anything due for this week except that you participate in the wiki.
  • This portfolio is about what you do in your MSN Program--not your current practice/teaching.
  • You will be demonstrating how you meet the MSN Program Outcomes (actually you will demonstrated meeting the suboutcomes--those listed under each major outcome--which then in turn meet the major outcome). Each course has course outcomes, but in your portfolio, you will be demonstrating meeting the program outcomes. By looking at the course outcomes, you may see how the course outcomes are reflected in the MSN Program outcomes. As Amy stated below, you only have to demonstrate beginning to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes in this assignment.
  • Be sure that you read over all the instructions that I have given in the NS 507 course-Portfolio section because they will make sense as you discuss in this wiki and begin your own portfolio.
  • Be sure that you look at the porfolio examples that I provided so that you get a sense of what your final portfolio will be like when you graduate. Remember that these 2 portfolios are completed not just the beginning as you are doing. What you do for this assignment (due November 7, 2010 or sooner if you want) may not end up to be the exact same as your final portfolio. I find that as students progress through the program and update their portfolio, changes occur on how they may want to present their meeting of the MSN outcomes.
  • In NS 507, you will only be beginning your portfolio--a way to get you started on your own.
  • Artifacts are documents or anything (powerpoint presentations, word papers, discussion forums, wiki assignments, twitter assignments etc) that you have done in the MSN program and help to meet the MSN program outcomes. Remember too that each course has outcomes that you meet in each course, but it is the end MSN outcomes that you are demonstrating in the portfolio. Since this assignment is not due until November, you can use artifacts from NS 507, NS 515 and NS 522 or NS 516 (which ever course you are taking). If you are part time, and only taking NS 507 and 515, you will still have enought artifacts from those two course to use in demonstrating how you are beginning to meet 2-3 suboutcomes.
  • When you submit this assignment, remember that the artifacts you choose to begin to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes of the MSN outcomes will not totally meet that outcome. By the end of the program, you will probably have 2-4 documents/artifacts that help to meet each sub-outcome. Be sure you look over the criteria that I will use to grade this beginning portfolio--it will help with the setup.
  • Keep up with the portfolio as you progress through the program. This project after this course will be on your own--I will remind you each semester to update your portfolio with artifacts and a final refection of learning for that semester. At the end of the program, you will be able to turn in the protfolio a couple to months prior to graduation and will at that time receive feedback and then a final submission a couple of weeks before graduation. Two facutly will review your completed portfolio using specific criteria and then return to you with comments. You must all submit and fullfill the requirements of the portfolio to graduate.
  • This is "your portfolio" of your learning--make it your own. Be creative. You can use the same format that you liked from the example and then just make it your own. In addition, look at what the suboutcome states and then look at the artifacts from the courses and you will then see how they match up. In addition, you will have to make a statement about why you chose that particular artifact to begin to meet the suboutcome. Lastly, your reflection will be based on your learning for that semester.
  • This is a professional portfolio--not personal.
  • Using voice over in your powerpoint for your portfolio is really quite easy (look at the directions) and you can add voice over to each slide and it does not seem choppy--you can also rerecord as needed.

In this wiki, I do not really care about APA or spelling--just make sure that you correct it if you notice and that others know what you are saying. Some students have used the portfolio for interview process after they graduate.
Stacy McCann 9/15/2010
I finally showed up to the wiki party! I just got done working three 12hour shifts in a row so I hope this doesn’t sound like a sleep deprived drunk rambling. Pamela and Beth, I like you, had to do a portfolio presentation for my undergraduate as well. I, like a lot of my classmates, put it off until my senior year and then scrambled to get it all together in the end. I absolutely LOVED my portfolio presentation in the end. I felt so proud of my work over the last four years and it really showed my growth from freshman to senior. Laura, I see you can relate to that feeling I had. After being a nurse for the last couple of years I really see the professionalism and impact having a portfolio has on your career. I am a little nervous about doing a portfolio on the computer, just because I have never done one before but I hope with all of us working together we can answer all the questions flying around our heads.
Laura in response to your question about having a full power point developed by November 7th, I think we are to just focus on stuff from this semester and then as each semester goes on add on to the portfolio. I believe the reason for this deadline is so that we don’t procrastinate until our final semester to do everything at once, (like I did for my bachelor degree!) It makes sense because the assignments and experiences are fresh in our heads at that moment so it is easier to respond and reflect on it as it happens. I also think the reflection is suppose to show a personal and intimate side of your nursing experience. I got the feeling from our readings that the portfolios are to demonstrate a well-rounded nurse. Resume can display your degrees, certifications and experience but they don’t show the deepness of your nursing character. How you relate with your patient’s, show compassion and nurturing and provide a caring personality that most people look for in a good nurse. Nursing instructors need to show their patience and understanding and I feel that some of the portfolio reflections can demonstrate how you practice these traits now. I hope this helpful!

Beth Gard 9-14-10 2020
Hey ladies, I enjoyed reading your posts. I have a lot of the same questions that you have already brought up. When I was in college we also had to complete a portfolio. We were required to do an e-portfolio, as well as a hard copy binder. I personally liked the e-portfolio better, but people were more interested in the hard copy version when it came to interviews. At the time, I was applying for a staff nurse position, so I think the e-portfolio will be better when applying for education jobs, especially with the push for a more computer literate culture in nursing schools. In the portfolio, I included many artifacts like we will be including in this portfolio. I did not have the opportunity to do voice over at that time and have absolutely no idea how to do that, so I am excited to learn the process. I am quite comfortable with the use of power point, so that makes me feel a little better about the project. I am excited to get started working on this project. I think this portfolio will truly benefit us not only in our job hunt, but also as a great reflection for us on our own journey and development through this program.
After I read the articles I had a much better understanding of what our portfolios are suppose to entail. I think that Kear & Bear (2007) said it best in that, “Items typically included in a comprehensive portfolio are reflective writings, samples of work, and written evaluations” (p. 110). We currently have discussion posts that we could use and will soon have our conflict analysis to use as artifacts. I am still not sure what else we will have to put in the portfolio at this time. I am sure the professors will make sure we have plenty of things to use in the portfolio by the end of our program though.
I think the MSN program outcomes are going to be the key to developing our portfolios. These are the goals that we are striving to be able to show we have reached, through our portfolio. Young (2007) stated that one should, “Think of the portfolio as a toolbox” (para. 4). If we do this, then the MSN outcomes should be considered our “…tools of the nursing trade…” (Young, 2007, para. 4). I think we should use these as the focus of our portfolio. We can make sure that we have met each outcome through an artifact that we have put into the portfolio.
I enjoyed looking at the examples of completed portfolios. It was nice to have something to look at as an example. They also sparked a few questions for me. I had a lot of the same questions as you ladies did. Pam, I agree with you on the voice over sounding choppy if we do it part by part. I think our voices sound a little different every time we record something. I also am wondering what artifacts we will have by the time our first part of the portfolio is due. I am also wondering how many artifacts is too many? I think Twaddell & Johnson (2007) had the best tool to help decide which artifacts to incorporate and which ones not to incorporate. Table 3, entitled “Questions to Ask When Deciding Whether or Not to Include a Piece” (Twaddell & Johnson, 2007,p. 149) goes over multiple questions that will be very helpful in weeding out the unnecessary things.
I am very thankful for the MSN portfolio technology directions. I enjoy technology, but have never had the best of luck with it. I plan on using this as my savior when linking sites, doing voice over, and uploading into angel. I went through the booklet and it has already improved my understanding of the process. Laura, I think the instructions for uploading will make much more sense when we are actually doing it. I did a process like this in college and it seemed much more difficult on paper then when I actually did it.

Pamela Carr 9/14/10 0824

Laura, that is awesome you had the choice to do either an ePortfolio or a paper one! I probably would have chose the paper one too. I guess we are creatures of habit, at least I am, and stick with what we know! Which is why I am excited that nursing and healthcare as a whole is transforming into a new digital age. Gives me a chance to get out of my comfort zone. This should be fun, and I think as a group we can help each other figure out the logistics of it!
I wish I could answer some of your questions, but I am just as clueless right now! I think the artifacts just need to follow the outcomes and sub outcomes and maybe be sectioned off by semester?!? I like how in the sample PowerPoint, I think it was Carrie who did that. It seemed to focus it a bit better for me to read and listen too. My question comes with the reflection portion? Are these things we should be doing on the side on our own? Or will we get direction for those? I have not done much journaling since my nursing school cause I reflect on my days in different ways! Also, are we supposed to have a full first PowerPoint up and running by November 7th and then just keep adding to it each semester after we have more artifacts? I guess I don’t feel comfortable doing voice over until it is completely finished cause then it would sound choppy. Does that make sense? Each day I sit back and think more about it, the more questions I have.

Laura Stratman 9/13/10 1425

After reading all of the information and the articles about portfolios I feel like I have somewhat of a better understanding. I too, Pamela, had to put together a portfolio for my undergraduate program. I could not agree more when you talked about it being another deadline and just trying to get it done on time. I didnt really have a full grasp on the portfolio even after four years of explaination. I just put in everything I had done in nursing shool. I wrote my reflections on my artifacts and included pictures. I am proud to say though that I did recieve portfolio of distinction, I was very honored. After the portfolio was finished I was pround of it and it was interesting to look back on my experiences. I feel like I finally had figured out the purpose of the portfolio when I was able to see the hard copy in front of me. I was really able to see my growths not only accademically, but personally as well.I think the article I read titled "ePortfolios in nursing education: not your mothers resume" summed it up best by stating that "by preparing an ePortfolio students can communicate their accomplishments and competencies, have an oppurtunity to work with technology, and demonstrate their ability to use information technology as a tool" (Jones et al., 2006, p. 2). When I created my first portfolio, we were able to choose between completing a ePortfolio or a paper version. I did the paper version due to the fact that I am not the strongest on my computer skills. I will admit I am a little nervous about the ePortfolio version as it did take me about 30 minutes to figure out how to write my last name and font color on WIKI. :) I am excited though to try and work more with the technology associated with creating an ePortfolio and face something that I am nervous about. I am wondering, however, about the instuctions talking about making a power point and using this in the portfolio. I guess I am just cofussed on this and how to import things into the portfolio? I am unsure about how many artifacts we are required to import each semester or what they must entail exactally? I have also never used voice over so I will need to figure that out if that is required.I agree with the articles when they discuss the how much easier it is for employers to retrieve and read through an ePortfolio. The paper version can be bulky and tedious. I am excited to begin a new portfolio and look at a new chapter in my life, and be able to see my growths in nursing and my education! Pamela Carr 9/11/2010 2213I have to say I am quite excited about getting to put together an ePortfolio on this new journey in my nursing career. I had the opportunity to do a nursing portfolio in my undergraduate-nursing program, albeit a paper portfolio. To me it was just part of the curriculum, something else that had a deadline. Not until I actually took it to my first interview did I realize the impact it truly had on my employer. She was truly impressed with it.

As far as putting together the portfolio, I think the articles did a fantastic job of discussing the importance of moving to a web-based format. Putting a nursing portfolio into an ePortfolio not only allows the students an opportunity to showcase their strengths, their reflections, but also highlights the “ability to utilize information technology as a tool” (Jones, Sackett, Erdley, & Blyth, 2010, p. 257).

Am I clear on how to develop my portfolio? Yes and no. I think the evaluation tool and ePortfolio instructions are excellent guides, but I think it is going to take more than just the basics since this is a very personalized, unique experience. It does leave me with many questions, especially after watching the examples of portfolios on PowerPoint. How long is too long of a portfolio, at what point do you lose the employers interest? How do you effectively construct a PowerPoint that is aesthetically pleasing yet not leaving the viewer having to strain to read the words because they are too light or the background is too bright? How do I sound on voice over so I keep the listener entertained and not falling asleep? I was also unable to click on any of the links to artifacts, so I could not personally view any of the examples that were used. Which leaves me with one final question at the moment, what can we use, besides our discussion posts right now, for artifacts to get this portfolio off the ground? Even though I have lots of questions, I am still energized about getting started!

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  • Did the articles answer your questions about portfolios? What questions do you still have?
  • What is the importance of using the MSN Program Outcomes in your portfolio?
  • What are artifacts and why do you need them for your portfolio?
  • Are you clear on how to develop your portfolio?
  • How many sub outcomes do you have to begin to demonstrate meeting for this assignment?
  • Did the examples of completed portfolios help with clarification?
  • What is the purpose of the MSN Portfolio Technology Directions?