Foley 9/20/10 9:45pm Lori, great comments about getting started.
Lori Saville 9/20/10 1713 In response to your questions Valerie, in the e-portfolio instructions and criteria for NS 507 link, it is recommended that for this class the portfolio is started as a power point but could also be started on web sites. I agree that some of the artifacts we have so far don't seem like they should be used on our portfolio but it is good to use them as a start and then if you find that there is something better later on in the program, it can be changed. I think that the final product needs to demonstrate 2-3 suboutcomes that have been met. The final product also has to have reflection and why the artifacts were chosen. It also needs to be organized and have sound. We need to just get a start on it this course so we have a good foundation to build on throughout the program. It seems overwhelming to me right now but I think once I start it will start to flow (I hope!!) :)

Haskell, L. 9/20/2010 @ 10:50 am - I'm just a "stalker" in this group but thought Valerine had a great comment and question. Will watch for the answer.

KING 9/19/10 1428 - I have reviewed my saved articles and I am back to the same mentality as my undergrad - can't really see anything I have written that I would want a potential employer to see. Ugh! The other hang-up I have is do we have to actually start the power point presentation now? Or do we just have to pick the outcomes and put an article with it to demonstrate how we met that outcome? I guess, what should the final product look like that is due on Nov 7th?

FOLEY 9/19/10 12:32p Jessica, you can use your jump (thumb) drive--Just make sure you have everything saved in folders and your portfolio is saved in its own portfolio with all of the artifacts etc. If the artifacts etc are not in the same folder and have the same names as what you have in your pp portfolio, the links will not work. Everytime you change something just make sure it is updated in the portfolio if that applies. Also, if anyone wants, you can also buy a portable hard drive. I got one last spring and it is about the size of a 3 by 5 note card. I have a cover for it and carry things back and forth from work to home--then I don't worry about loosing my thumb drive or running out of space.
Lori, You can use your discussions artifacts also. You are good to organize everything now and keep it organized throughout. Some students organize by courses and then pull the artifacts out of those folders and put them in their portfolio folder.

Lori Saville 9/18/10 1005 am- I have made very little progress with my portfolio as this has been a busy week for me. However, I have started organizing my work that I have done so far in my computer in folders and with better titles. I wasn't sure if responses to discussions can be used in our portfolio but I am saving them too so I have them on had. I figured that if my work is organized and can be found easily, it will make the entire process go a little smoother. Valerie, I am taking your advice and keeping it all because I don't know what I will need and what I won't need in the end!

Jessica Fogelstrom 9/17/10 1419-Question: I am using my computer at home AND my computer at work to work on my portfolio. I have a USB jump drive I take with me to work on all of my school stuff. the technology directions for working with an e-porffolio it says to save all of our doccuments in a folder on the desktop, as they can only be linked up to our powerpoint from the desktop folder. I can't save my stuff on the desktop at work, only on my usb. Is this still going to make uploading and linking things to my powerpoint possible? Carder 9/17/10 1400. Jessica. Thanks for the idea on the concepts area. I also think I am now starting to get it! Thanks for the tip. Hopefully it will all come together as simple and nicely as it sounds!! Melissa

Jessica Fogelstrom 9/16/10 2017-Hi Group 4! I get the portfolio now (sort of). I read the MSN Program Outcomes and have a better understanding of what I am doing. The 5 Outcomes are the broad pages of the example portfolios, and we already have examples to use if you are taking the NS 515 class. I am going to use my research article on Concepts as a demonstrtion of the research process :) Foley 9/16/10 2:11pm--Hello ladies, I have returned from my birthday trip (my youngest daughter took me to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Yosemite) and it was wonderful. Now back to work!!! I have read over your posts and will answer some of your questons so far (interesting, each group had some similar questions)
  • Will check with Dr. Ward about her email, but there is not anything due for this week except that you participate in the wiki.
  • This portfolio is about what you do in your MSN Program--not your current practice/teaching.
  • You will be demonstrating how you meet the MSN Program Outcomes (actually you will demonstrated meeting the suboutcomes--those listed under each major outcome--which then in turn meet the major outcome). Each course has course outcomes, but in your portfolio, you will be demonstrating meeting the program outcomes. By looking at the course outcomes, you may see how the course outcomes are reflected in the MSN Program outcomes. As Amy stated below, you only have to demonstrate beginning to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes in this assignment.
  • Be sure that you read over all the instructions that I have given in the NS 507 course-Portfolio section because they will make sense as you discuss in this wiki and begin your own portfolio.
  • Be sure that you look at the porfolio examples that I provided so that you get a sense of what your final portfolio will be like when you graduate. Remember that these 2 portfolios are completed not just the beginning as you are doing. What you do for this assignment (due November 7, 2010 or sooner if you want) may not end up to be the exact same as your final portfolio. I find that as students progress through the program and update their portfolio, changes occur on how they may want to present their meeting of the MSN outcomes.
  • In NS 507, you will only be beginning your portfolio--a way to get you started on your own.
  • Artifacts are documents or anything (powerpoint presentations, word papers, discussion forums, wiki assignments, twitter assignments etc) that you have done in the MSN program and help to meet the MSN program outcomes. Remember too that each course has outcomes that you meet in each course, but it is the end MSN outcomes that you are demonstrating in the portfolio. Since this assignment is not due until November, you can use artifacts from NS 507, NS 515 and NS 522 or NS 516 (which ever course you are taking). If you are part time, and only taking NS 507 and 515, you will still have enought artifacts from those two course to use in demonstrating how you are beginning to meet 2-3 suboutcomes.
  • When you submit this assignment, remember that the artifacts you choose to begin to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes of the MSN outcomes will not totally meet that outcome. By the end of the program, you will probably have 2-4 documents/artifacts that help to meet each sub-outcome. Be sure you look over the criteria that I will use to grade this beginning portfolio--it will help with the setup.
  • Keep up with the portfolio as you progress through the program. This project after this course will be on your own--I will remind you each semester to update your portfolio with artifacts and a final refection of learning for that semester. At the end of the program, you will be able to turn in the protfolio a couple to months prior to graduation and will at that time receive feedback and then a final submission a couple of weeks before graduation. Two facutly will review your completed portfolio using specific criteria and then return to you with comments. You must all submit and fullfill the requirements of the portfolio to graduate.
  • This is "your portfolio" of your learning--make it your own. Be creative. You can use the same format that you liked from the example and then just make it your own. In addition, look at what the suboutcome states and then look at the artifacts from the courses and you will then see how they match up. In addition, you will have to make a statement about why you chose that particular artifact to begin to meet the suboutcome. Lastly, your reflection will be based on your learning for that semester.
  • This is a professional portfolio--not personal.
In this wiki, I do not really care about APA or spelling--just make sure that you correct it if you notice and that others know what you are saying. Some students have used the portfolio for interview process after they graduate.
Jessica Fogelstrom-
 9/15/10 1958- What is Dr. Ward's email about. We need to have a handout completed for this class? This week? I am lost.

Carder 9/15/10 0750--After reading all of the articles again, it does make a lot more sense. Jessica I'm happy to know that you did this for your BSN so kind of have an idea of what we are doing. It will be nice to have a place to keep everything together. Lori-I think it will be a good idea to just start adding a couple of things to the portfolio as we go as you stated. I figure we can always change them out if I have something better later on. I also think the personal statement will change overtime. It may be good to just have a rough draft to start out. Once again that can always be changed!! As for the voice over, i think that will be something to play with. I also have no idea how to do that yet, but I'm sure we will figure it out!!

King 9/14/10. I am just checking in to let you all know that I am here and active, but I haven't gone through everything for the portfolio yet. When spending time on ANGEL before classes started, I stumbled upon the different examples of portfolios, but I need to go through them again now that I have a little context. I have skimmed the articles, but attempting to answer the questions below, just can't do it yet. I know that my undergrad portfolio I did a poor job keeping track of things from the beginning because I just didn't think anything was "portfolio worthy" and didn't fully understand the purpose. But one thing I learned from that is to KEEP EVERYTHING. So I will be back with a much better response.

Nursejesse (Jessica Fogelstrom) Tues 14SEPT10 1433-I posted in the discussion group, but I think I am actually going to post here and stay in sync with what everyone else is doing! I am excited and nervous for the online portfolio. I enjoyed my portfolio for my BSN, and have used it several times for interview purposes. I think that an electronic portfolio is going to be quiet a challenge, but I do believe I am up for it! I I definately do not feel like I have the information to put into a portfolio yet, since this is the begining of our adventure as grad students but in time I hope I will have something that is representative of my ability to become a nurse educator! Bye for now :)

Carder 9/12/10 1630. After reading all of the items related to the portfolio, I must say I am slightly overwhelmed! Ok! Maybe just a little more than slightly and maybe it is because I am sitting inside on a beautiful Sunday drinking ice tea waiting to get called back to the hospital...Really I think that is what it is, maybe not just the portfolio itself! The first thing I wonder about with what should be the first thing to start with. I think the personal statement should be a good start but where do I go next? Also any suggestions to avoid this overwhelming feeling?!?! :)
I hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive Sunday afternoon!
Saville 9/13/10 2000 - I completely understand your feeling of being overwhelmed. I feel a little better after reading the articles as I got a better understanding of the rationale of a portfolio. I can see how it will allow me to “see the bigger picture” as described by Young (2007). I think that it will help me to see my progression of my understanding of becoming a nurse educator. I do not have the advantage of having experience in educating other than being a preceptor at my job. Because I don’t have a true feeling of all of the skills and knowledge I really need to be an effective educator, I will be able to keep track of my progression towards that throughout the course. After reading the MSN program outcomes and getting a clearer picture of what will be in future classes, it makes more sense to me that the creation of a portfolio must be an ongoing process to prevent it from being too overwhelming at the end. Melissa, in response to your question about where a good starting point would be, I am not sure I have the answer even after going through all the reading. I think just starting with adding few discussions from the first two classes that you feel you did well with and have shown a better understanding of after completing would be a good start. I will keep the program outcomes handy as a guide to what I put in the portfolio. Does that sound like I am on the right thinking track to anyone? Also knowing that it can continuously be altered throughout the courses is reassuring. I don't know if I would even know what to put on a personal statement at this poing as I feel like I am just at the beginning of grasping it all. I am going to see it as a rough draft for now so that the pressure is not so high when starting it. I do have to learn how to do voice over on power point but hopefully with a little more exploring once I get started it will all fall together! Lori Saville

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  • Did the articles answer your questions about portfolios? What questions do you still have?
  • What is the importance of using the MSN Program Outcomes in your portfolio?
  • What are artifacts and why do you need them for your portfolio?
  • Are you clear on how to develop your portfolio?
  • How many sub outcomes do you have to begin to demonstrate meeting for this assignment?
  • Did the examples of completed portfolios help with clarification?
  • What is the purpose of the MSN Portfolio Technology Directions?