Jennings -9/18/10 Hi everyone. Dr. Foley, thanks for the answers. They help some, but I'm still very nervous about getting started with the portfolio. I think once it's started I'll feel better. I sometimes forget that things are easier if broken into smaller parts. My 13 yr old is ready to get started helping Mom with her power point. I thought we were to teach them. Oh well. I know I'll get it done, just need to trust in my abilities. It's nice to be able to bounce things off you all.
Dr. Foley, glad you had a great trip. Back to the grindstone for me. I'm off the weekend, so will try to get a bit ahead before work next week. Also have my final (hopefully) interview for the manager position on Monday and need to come up with 2 key changes I'd like to see in our NICU and how to bring them about. Even work is giving me homework!
Have a great weekend all.

Doppenberg - teal- 9/17/10 1900 - You are so lucky. I have wanted to go to Napa Valley for some time. I love wine and would love to go and tour some of the great vineyards there.
Thanks so much for your answers to some of the questions. It helps tremendously. I may be crazy, but I actually look forward to doing the portfolio. I think that it will be a great asset not only the Master's program but my career. I plan to look for a job at a local college in a few years, and I think this will be very beneficial to me. I can't believe that some states are mandating portfolios in order to get your license renewed. That's crazy. The hard part, but most important part of the portfolio will be to keep it updated not only after each semester, but to continue through the rest of my career. Have a great weekend everyone. My friends are throwing a end of the summer grill out tomorrow night, so I am looking forward to that.

Foley 9/16/10 1:57pm--Hello ladies, I have returned from my birthday trip (my youngest daughter took me to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Yosemite) and it was wonderful. Now back to work!!! I have read over your posts and will answer some of your quesitons so far (interesting, each group had some similar questions)
  • Will check with Dr. Ward about her email, but there is not anything due for this week except that you participate in the wiki.
  • This portfolio is about what you do in your MSN Program--not your current practice/teaching.
  • You will be demonstrating how you meet the MSN Program Outcomes (actually you will demonstrated meeting the suboutcomes--those listed under each major outcome--which then in turn meet the major outcome). Each course has course outcomes, but in your portfolio, you will be demonstrating meeting the program outcomes. By looking at the course outcomes, you may see how the course outcomes are reflected in the MSN Program outcomes. As Amy stated below, you only have to demonstrate beginning to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes in this assignment.
  • Be sure that you read over all the instructions that I have given in the NS 507 course-Portfolio section because they will make sense as you discuss in this wiki and begin your own portfolio.
  • Be sure that you look at the porfolio examples that I provided so that you get a sense of what your final portfolio will be like when you graduate. Remember that these 2 portfolios are completed not just the beginning as you are doing. What you do for this assignment (due November 7, 2010 or sooner if you want) may not end up to be the exact same as your final portfolio. I find that as students progress through the program and update their portfolio, changes occur on how they may want to present their meeting of the MSN outcomes.
  • In NS 507, you will only be beginning your portfolio--a way to get you started on your own.
  • Artifacts are documents or anything (powerpoint presentations, word papers, discussion forums, wiki assignments, twitter assignments etc) that you have done in the MSN program and help to meet the MSN program outcomes. Remember too that each course has outcomes that you meet in each course, but it is the end MSN outcomes that you are demonstrating in the portfolio. Since this assignment is not due until November, you can use artifacts from NS 507, NS 515 and NS 522 or NS 516 (which ever course you are taking). If you are part time, and only taking NS 507 and 515, you will still have enought artifacts from those two course to use in demonstrating how you are beginning to meet 2-3 suboutcomes.
  • When you submit this assignment, remember that the artifacts you choose to begin to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes of the MSN outcomes will not totally meet that outcome. By the end of the program, you will probably have 2-4 documents/artifacts that help to meet each sub-outcome. Be sure you look over the criteria that I will use to grade this beginning portfolio--it will help with the setup.
  • Keep up with the portfolio as you progress through the program. This project after this course will be on your own--I will remind you each semester to update your portfolio with artifacts and a final refection of learning for that semester. At the end of the program, you will be able to turn in the protfolio a couple to months prior to graduation and will at that time receive feedback and then a final submission a couple of weeks before graduation. Two facutly will review your completed portfolio using specific criteria and then return to you with comments. You must all submit and fullfill the requirements of the portfolio to graduate.
  • This is "your portfolio" of your learning--make it your own. Be creative. You can use the same format that you liked from the example and then just make it your own. In addition, look at what the suboutcome states and then look at the artifacts from the courses and you will then see how they match up. In addition, you will have to make a statement about why you chose that particular artifact to begin to meet the suboutcome. Lastly, your reflection will be based on your learning for that semester.
  • This is a professional portfolio--not personal.
In this wiki, I do not really care about APA or spelling--just make sure that you correct it if you notice and that others know what you are saying. Some students have used the portfolio for interview process after they graduate.

Doppenberg - Teal 9/16 1330

I don't know about you guys, but I feel so much better after I saw the examples of the e-portfolios. My biggest fear is matching the artifacts to go along with the specific outcome. When I listen to these examples, I think to myself "I don't know that I am that intelligent or creative." BUT we have to remember this is a final project we saw. It looks very overwhelming to us right now because we are all trying to get to that end project. Since we are all nurses, most of us have that "A" type personality. I know that I need to make myself concentrate on the small steps first, like picking out my slides. Brandi- great idea!!

We know there are 5 outcomes, each with suboutcomes underneath. It looks very overwhelming!! But the bright side is that we only need to find artifacts to match 2-3 suboutcomes for this assignment. That's not so bad. We can do this!!
Have a great night! For me, I only have one more work day. Sorry for those of you who have to work the weekend, but if it is any consolation, I will be doing school work all weekend. YEAH

Raverty-Royal Blue 9/16 0930
Hi all, I feel a little better, at least knowing that we are almost all in the same anxiety boat.
Doppenberg-Thansk for the reassuring words. I was hoping that once you get started, you get the hang of it.
I hear everyone, we are all busy and can get to "class" when we can! I start the weekend tonight and like most you you, I assume, cannot do much but work and sleep when I do the 12's.
Jennings-I have a feeling that you will have much help, not sure about the patience part. I was able to figure out the voice over part of the power point. I even had the sound saved in an unknown location and it did not get posted with the assignment! What was great about it, I learned from it (I will have to try to remember what I actually did), and had great support from my professor. She was wonderful in helping me figure it out and was able to direct me to other resources to help, as well. The point here is that I have found the faculty very understanding that we are busy outside of school and need a little hand holding at first. Good luck next week!
Bonacci-I go in spurts with reading and assignments. Some days I get everything done and thensome, not to touch it for 4-5 days! I have been preoccupied with the 515 assignment, as well. I remember reading this week's portfolio stuff, but find it missing in my mind. I have a feeling that I need to spend some time reviewing information we are required to know! I never have had to do this in the past. But, heck, while I did a little last year, I have not been in a full-time program since 1998. The memory is showing it's age!
One thing we can remember, is that this is not due for a little while! I am planning on playing with the slides next week (I will be off work with the girls in school).
Everyone have a great rest of the week and weekend

Jennings- purple 9/15 1425Just wanted to jump in quick, I work tonight and tomorrow night, doesn't leave much computer time. Anyone know anything about a handout? I received a message from Dr. Ward about the handout did't need to be very long, just 1 page or so, no more than 4 ( I think). What is she talking about. I don't see anything anywhere about a handout!I'm getting very stressed about this e-portfolio. I don't have a clue where to begin. I'm not very creative. My husband and older daughters know how to use power point with voice-overs, but will they be patient enough to help me? Need to find time for a final interview in the next week. Hope to be able to do it Monday. Thanks Brandi.Talk to everyone later. I'll reread everything, maybe it will make more sense.
Doppenberg Teal 9/15 1400
Bonacci, I myself am slowing working through the articles. If any of you are in N515, that assignment is what I have been doing for the past week. Anyway, I already teach some at the local high school and college in Sheldon Iowa. I have done a portfolio and needed artifacts for this past year. Once you get the hang of it and what to look for, it isn't so bad.
Tammy- don't feel that you are too old, becasue I am not that old (well I don't think so anyway), yet all this technology is overwhelming me at this point. I feel that I am missing key steps in assignments. There is so many places to work in, it is hard to know if I am in the right spot.
Brandi- I also am a stickler for details. I like to have everything done exactly so. So far, on this assignment, I feel it is vague. I really need to take time to read through the whole assignment, process it, and go from there. I wouldn't think this assignement is as detailed as it should be by the end of our graduate work. We will need to develop the portfolio as time goes on, but right now we are getting the basics in. I don't know, anyone else?

Bonacci Red 9/14 1930
Good evening everyone, I am slowly working my way through reading the articles, But wanted to get on here and look around and post. I understand the idea of the portfolio, mostly because we did one as undergrad, So that hopefully will help out some, My hardest part will be some of the technology, I thought I was fairly up to date on techie things but, some of this is confusing me a little. So I guess we will be working through the technical issues together.
Brandi, there is a download for spell-checking program you are typing into the internet, if that would help you out, (I am a horrible speller
so I love having it. Let me know if you would like it, I can find the link for you, its just a update to your web browser.
I can help with some basic power-point things, as for the voice over I have no clue, that will be fun to try and do. But I have used the program several times in the past. I enjoyed the presentations of the final e-portfolios, they started to answer some questions I was forming. I am sure new ones will pop up soon.
Well off to go read some more, Talk again soon. Nichole

Raverty-Royal Blue 9/14 1830
Brandi here again. I tend to be a stickler for format and details. I can see myself obsessing over the small things versus the big picture. We are to use powerpoint, and add our "artifacts" to the powerpoint and then give our reflection on what we added? Liik I started addressing in the earlier post, I am a little concerned as to how personal to get. Do I jump right into the heart of the idea and my thoughts on it. I realize that it can be thought of as a place to witness growth and that it is OK to admit failure and changing opinions based on the newfound education. But I will be honest, I hesitate on who I want to share that with. I think that I will be more able to determine what I can feel comfortable sharing, as I begin the process.
So for right now, we should follow the basic instructions and examples and just set up the template? That is it for now, I am sure I will have more to say later.
Good luck, Tammy!

Jennings- purple 9/14 1730Hi everyone. Tammy here. Way out of my comfort zone here. I'm hoping this will be a great resource also. I'm going to need all the help I can get. The last time I was in school, the most advanced technology was word processing. I typed all my papers etc. on a typewriter ( I'm old!). Hopefully my husband, the geek, will be able to help. Heavens my 4 year old probably knows more than I do! You all will be excellent resources for me. You seem to be very adept.I think the e-portfolio is a cool idea. How awesome to be able to keep all the necessary information up-to-date without having to retype every thing. A prepared portfolio would have been useful for me as I started the interview process for the manager position at work. It's too late now, but I'll be much better prepared next time I apply for a different position. (Still don't know about the job, 1 more round of interviews, should know within 2 weeks). Twaddell & Johnson state "a nursing portfolio is a concrete record of learning, competencies, and achievements". It will be a great place to keep track of career goals, strengths, weakness, education and whatever else may be deemed important. This will be a fun, exciting, and scary process.
Raverty-- Royal Blue 9/13 0910
Not sure if this is the TOP, but I wanted to make sure that the Group was on top of the page...Brandi here...I have never participated in a WIKI and have already had to undo a few times! I think that this could be a great resource, once we figure out how to use it! In reading over the articles, I thought this seemed like a pretty good idea, a portfolio. My husband, an engineer, has a portfolio that is available and sent out when people are looking to hire his firm. It included all the types of projects he has participated in and more specifically, what his roles were on them. It is a great resource that the consumer is able to use in making the decision to hire or not.
This is totally new to me. I had nothing like this in any of my degree programs, last one finished in '98. But, I read that the idea really started to take off in the late 90's. My reflections were a 1-sheet clinical evaluation for the day that was more of a summary than a reflective piece.
Kear and Bear (2007) discussed how the self-directed learner that already has a foundation is able to find this portfolio experience more meaningful than the new nursing student. I totally agree. I can see how this format, with reflection and application to the theory of my actions past and present, could help me take a more in-depth look at my current and future roles. This could be a great professional tracking tool. I was surprised in the Twaddell & Johnson (2007) article that some nursing licensing boards were looking at portfolios as a licensing requirement.
As I tend to be a private person, I am a little concerned about some of the reflections that I may write for a course that is shared with the professor, becoming an artifact I choose to add. While it could be a great way to highlight my growth, what could the implications of the potential employeer reading it and potentially not chosing me based on a statement in a paper? Just somehting that I thought about. I could always edit, depending on the use of portfolio and who I grant access to.
One major issue that I do see an issue for me specifically is the lack of spell check! Also the fear of deleting something I do not want to. I did delete some of Dr. Foley's writings and had heart palpitations until I saw the cancel button and the magically returned! That button will be my best friend.
Overall, I can see how wise it will be to keep up with this process. The hard part will be the startup, but to remember that it can always be changed! I have to admit that I was completely blown away and impressed with the examples of others portfolios. I only hope to be able to produce something so well done!

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  • Doppenberg - teal 9/15 1400
  • Jennings- purple 9/14 1730
  • Raverty-- Royal Blue 9/13 0850
  • Bonacci--Red 9/14 1912

  • Did the articles answer your questions about portfolios? What questions do you still have?
  • What is the importance of using the MSN Program Outcomes in your portfolio?
  • What are artifacts and why do you need them for your portfolio?
  • Are you clear on how to develop your portfolio?
  • How many sub outcomes do you have to begin to demonstrate meeting for this assignment?
  • Did the examples of completed portfolios help with clarification?
  • What is the purpose of the MSN Portfolio Technology Directions?