FOLEY 9/19/10 10:32am Hi Whitney, Reread the instructions again--the actual narration of the pp needs to be voice-over, think about someone watching your pp without any voice narration or direction. The statement about why you chose your artifact can either be written on the pp slide or be part of the voice over--your choice. So there needs to be some intro and direction in voiceover for the viewer. Hope this answers your questions.

W. Wilberding 9/18/10 9:18pm

Dr Foley, are we required to use sound or voice over for our portfolio presentation? I was comparing the directions with the portfolio grid and one seems to apply we need to use voice over and one implies we could type out our narration.

FOLEY 9/18/10 3:24pm Hi Eugenia, At the graduate level, faculty generally do not accept assignments early and then give feedback for students to change what they have done--so in answer to your question it is no. You just need to read over the assignment, the criteria and complete the assignment. As a graduate student, I frequently referred back to the assignment and criteria to make sure that everything was included. I can give feedback about your specific questions. Dr. Foley

Hi Dr. Foley
Thanks for clarifying some items. I just have one question. You said you would not be able to give feedbacks if we turn in our portfolio early; however, could you recommend another professor who could review our work? Just wondering!
Eugenia A. 9/18/2010 1:20 pm

FOLEY 9/18/10 12:44pm Hi Lyndsi, Yes you can use artifacts from 515--Don't have to complete the course to use a artifact.
L.Hall 9-18-10 12:30pm
Hi everyone! I just was wondering if we could use artifacts that we have developed from 515 or if for the initiation of our portfolio we are only to use artifacts from 507. I think that you actually have to complete a class to use artifacts from it, but just wanted a little clarification.

FOLEY, 9/17/10, 11:44am
Hi Amber and Whitney, I will first answer Amber's question. You are correct, the portfolio is just the beginning--sometimes students will put in all of the major and sub-outcomes each in a different slide so that makes the portfolio long, others just add the major and suboutcomes (2-3) that they are demonstrating beginning to meet, so the portfolio is not very long--I would say maybe 6-8 slides . When you look at the grid for how I grade the portfolio, just make sure that everything is there

Organized from beginning to end, cohesive, fluent and clear
Introduction present and clear focus
Well-developed, clear narration through-out presentation – good quality of sound
Major and sub outcomes present (document can be linked within the pp)
2-3 Artifacts from classroom present and linked to MSN outcomes (2-3 sub outcomes).
Short statements that describe how each artifact begins to meet specific program outcome
or sub-outcome and why artifact was chosen.
Well written reflection in correct format (what, so what, now what) of overall learning
so far in the program
Basically, you are just setting up your beginning portfolio and adding artifacts, statements and a semester reflection.
Whitney, I do not give feedback to each person on their portfolio if submitted early so that they can redue. What I will do is answer any questions that you have about the process and help you that way. The examples should be very helpful for you. Dr. Foley

W.Wilberding, 9/17/2010 10:55am
Dr. Foley, if we submit the portfolio assingment to you before it is due will you give us suggestions of things we can improve and allow to resubmit it by the due date?

a.motley 9/17/10 6:05 a.m. Hi group! The portfolio is worth 300 points of our grade which is overwhelming. However, after reading Dr. Foley's response, I understand that the portfolio has to include artifacts that address 2-3 of the sub outcomes. So am I to understand that the portfolio will not be exceptionally long in content, since we just started the program? I am glad a few of you have created an e-portfolio in the past and can give the rest of us some guidance. Enjoy your day!

Foley, 9/16/10 9:12pm Eugenia, you need to be sure and post you name, date and time when you post something--see how the other students did this or see instructions below. Dr. Foley
Portfolio is not a new concept to me. During my BSN at NMC, we had to put a portfolio together prior to graduation. I actually had fun putting my papers together. I enjoyed reminiscing on the stress each paper caused and how i felt during each semester. The articles on begining a portfolio were very helpful and encouraging. Kear and Bear (2007) states that a "professional portfolio is a comprehensive document that demonstrates the accomplishments of the professional" (p.109). I must say that I agree with Kear and Bear. After putting my portfolio together, I felt a sense of accomplishment and relief. On occassion, I have returned to my binder to review my past papers or just to reminsce on the past. I will say that putting a portfolio together is not an easy task. I advice you to make sure you have a computer you can trust and make sure you save all your postings. If you are overwhelmed, refer to Twaddell and Johnson. I felt that they were clear and very descriptive.
I was able to open both portfolio examples. Sorry you all I having problems.Eugenia A. 9/16/2010 8:30pm

Foley 9/16/10 12:23pm--Hello ladies, I have returned from my birthday trip (my youngest daughter took me to San Francisco, Napa Valley and Yosemite) and it was wonderful. Now back to work!!! I have read over your posts and will answer some of your quesitons so far:
  • Will check with Dr. Ward, but there is not anything due for this week except that you participate in the wiki.
  • This portfolio is about what you do in your MSN Program--not your current practice/teaching.
  • Be sure that you read over all the instructions that I have given in the NS 507 course-Portfolio section because they will make sense as you discuss in this wiki and begin your own portfolio.
  • I was able to open both portfolio examples from home. Try the first one again and give it time to download as it is a big file. You may have to save it to your computer first and then go in and open from the place you saved it on your computer. Remember that these 2 portfolios are completed not just the beginning as you are doing. What you do for this assignment (due November 7, 2010 or sooner if you want) may not end up to be the exact same as your final portfolio. I find that as students progress through the program and update their portfolio, changes occur on how they may want to present their meeting of the MSN outcomes.
  • Artifacts are documents or anything (powerpoint presentations, word papers, discussion forums, wiki assignments, twitter assignments etc) that you have done in the MSN program and help to meet the MSN program outcomes. Remember too that each course has outcomes that you meet in each course, but it is the end MSN outcomes that you are demonstrating in the portfolio.
  • When you submit this assignment, remember that the artifacts you choose to begin to meet 2-3 sub-outcomes of the MSN outcomes will not totally meet that outcome. By the end of the program, you will probably have 2-4 documents that help to meet each sub-outcome. Be sure you look over the criteria that I will use to grade this beginning portfolio--it will help with the setup.
  • Whitney, great suggestion about keeping up with the portfolio. This project after this course will be on your own--I will remind you each semester to update your portfolio with artifacts and a final refection of learning for that semester. At the end of the program, you will be able to turn in the protfolio a couple to months prior to graduation and will at that time receive feedback and then a final submission a couple of weeks before graduation. Two facutly will review your completed portfolio using specific criteria and then return to you with comments. You must all submit and fullfill the requirements of the portfolio to graduate.
  • This is "your portfolio" of your learning--make it your own. Be creative.

W. Wilberding
9/15/2010 Finally I was able post! Lyndsi, as I understood we have to link our artifacts.
A suggestion to those of you that have not done a portfolio before....DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE END TO PUT TOGETHER YOUR PORTFOLIO! I did a undergrad. portfolio and I did not wait until the end to put it together. It was very help at the end that I have put together so of the portfolio already. Of course there is only so much you can do before hand and you have to save some of the portfolio until the end. If you are feeling overwhelmed///like I am...the article written by Twaddell & Johnson (2007) I thought was very helpful! Right now I dont have any questions as I still trying to take it all in. I usually get questions once I start the project!
Lyndsi, I waas also not able to open the 1st portfolio example...I will try again tomorrow and let you know if I have any suggestions!
L. Hall 9-14-10 1pm
Amber, I reread the article by Twaddell and Johnson (2007) also, I think that as far as artifacts go we just use what we have already completed in this program. I don't think that we have to do additional papers. The instructions that Dr. Foley provided in ANGEL also suggest this. We will add to our artifacts as we continue through the program, right now we don't have that many to pick from. I am wondering if we just speak about the artifacts we use or do we have to have a link in our portfolio so that people can view the artifacts?

A. Motley 9/13/10 2230

Lyndsi, I understand we are to continue to post discussion in this area of the wiki. I reread the article by Twadell and Johnson (2007) in attempts to clarify the issue of what constitutes an artifact. It is my understanding that artifacts can be papers previously submitted in our graduate classes. Table 2 prsented by Twadell and Johnson (2007, p. 149) give examples of items to include in a portfolio. One example listed is a "written samples of prioritizing an action, such as during an admission" (Twaddell and Johnson, 2007, p. 149, Table 2). This indicates to me that some of our artifacts are to be written reflections from our daily nursing practice. These reflections must be written in addition to papers we have already submitted. Is this correct? We are to journal and reflect on daily practice and submit these pieces as artifacts as well?

L. Hall 9-13-2010 1:20pm
I found the articles regarding the ePortifolio helpful and actually very encouraging. The article by Twaddell and Johnson (2007) suggests that professional development is a lifelong process in which each nurse assumes full responsibility for his or her own education and development. A portfolio will help me to visualize my accomplishments and what I’ve learned as I go along, which to me is much more beneficial than just a reflection at the end of a program. I think it is great that we begin this project at the beginning of our journey; this will allow us to see our growth throughout the program. Amber, I could not open the “Michael portfolio” example either. I’m also unsure regarding the artifacts and exactly how we use them and incorporate them into our portfolio. I know that we have to have information about 2-3 sub outcomes and I think that these are in relation to the MSN outcomes. I think that we will use artifacts, which would have to be our discussions we have posted so far, to show how we have meet these 2-3 outcomes this far in the program. I am a little nervous, I have never done voice over on a power point, but the instructions seem pretty easy to follow. I still have lots of questions and I am not really sure how to get started. I’m going to take the advice given in the article Young (2007) and do a little at a time and try to be consistent. I look forward to our discussions regarding our portfolios; it all is a little overwhelming right now! I thought of another question, do we have to post anything in the discussion tab at the top of the previous page or do we just edit this page?

a.motley 9/11/10 2110 The articles on developing the e-Portfolio were helpful, but they left me with several questions regarding the portfolio. I could not open the "Michael portfolio" example. Was anyone else able to open the site? The portfolio is to reflect our experiences over the course of the MSN program. The issue of where to start with this project is overwhelming. The article by Twadell and Johnson (2007) suggests, "reflection on career goals and paths is a great place to start" (p. 147). My goal is to be a nurse educator. I would be able to reflect on clinical examples of educating staff or patient families, however, I am not a nursing instructor. Should I expand my goal? Such as, I want to provide students and staff with an exemplary role model of a nurse and educator. A nurse that embraces technology and is an advocate for nurses and patients. The other question I had was in regards to artifacts. Do the artifacts link to previous papers I have written in the program?

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  • Did the articles answer your questions about portfolios? What questions do you still have?
  • What is the importance of using the MSN Program Outcomes in your portfolio?
  • What are artifacts and why do you need them for your portfolio?
  • Are you clear on how to develop your portfolio?
  • How many sub outcomes do you have to begin to demonstrate meeting for this assignment?
  • Did the examples of completed portfolios help with clarification?
  • What is the purpose of the MSN Portfolio Technology Directions?